Spirituality is the means for peaceful co-existence. May Spiritual understanding bring inner peace as well as peace in the entire universe. May this book ignite spiritual thoughts in the minds of all readers.

Paramahamsa Prajnananda,
Spiritual Leader of Kriya Yoga International Organizations

Standing Inside Oneself

"Journey from self to Self"

This evocative collection of poems is an expression of Mira Sai ma's sharing of the bliss filled experiences and insight, where she has realized, we are all an expression of the Divine in mutual identity of substance, like waves on the ocean or ice cubes in water.

The Enstasy poetry collection awakens us to rise up and stand within our truest 'Self' nature. The heart to heart connection of standing with and within the Divine, which these poems have the power to convey, can awaken within us, a realization of the need to experience that enstasy� and which this beautifully crafted volume of the author's experiential 'enstatic' poetry, each ending with a glimpse into that truth, so wondrously evokes, with great clarity and immediacy.


John Griffin, PhD
World University, Ojai, California
Director of Online Distance Education
Professor of Integral Psychology, Spiritual Studies, Thanatology

Hello and welcome. Please enjoy my first book �Enstasy� a self-help poetic journey taking you from Individual self to Higher Self� I am grateful and honored by the positive response from my readers, and am bringing you an Audio rendition of the poetry, set within an elevating music background by December 2015.
I also look forward to bringing you another book by middle of 2016. This will be about a wondrous journey you might want to take to the �Other Side� with me, as I unveil some of its mysteries and Truths, which will surely change your perspective on life and death and living!