Enstasy: Standing Inside Oneself
Mira Sai

Pages : 109

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ISBN : 9780986107719
Category : Spiritual
Language : English
Year Of Publication : 2015
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Enstasy is neither religious nor spiritual, nor metaphysical or mystical and yet, it is all of these… a glimpse, into Higher Truths while tasting their supreme nectarine bliss... Deep, profound meditations, which occurred upon the author’s return from her entry into death and Eternal life… where she had been graced to bathe within Consciousness... as Consciousness... As you read and maybe re-read, delving deeper into the world of Enstasy, it is my sincere prayer that it opens a gateway into discovering your own wings of freedom, gently carrying you into that infinite expansion of consciousness, beyond limitation... leading to the ultimate goal of life… Oneness with the Supreme… Your own Higher Self… This book is all about you... This book is all about us...

Hello and welcome. Please enjoy my first book "Enstasy" a self-help poetic journey taking you from Individual self to Higher Self... I am grateful and honored by the positive response from my readers, and am bringing you an Audio rendition of the poetry, set within an elevating music background by December 2015.
I also look forward to bringing you another book by middle of 2016. This will be about a wondrous journey you might want to take to the 'Other Side' with me, as I unveil some of its mysteries and Truths, which will surely change your perspective on life and death and living!